How To Strikethrough On Google Docs [Shortcut/Color/Double]

There is a strikethrough in Google Docs, and there are also shortcuts for Windows and Mac users. Google Docs is a great online tool for writing, but sometimes it is difficult to find text formatting style there. Strikethrough on Google Docs is one of them.

People use the Strikethrough text option for crossing the text by a horizontal line, which means that text is either wrong or spelled wrong mistakenly in digital content. Strikethrough text format is very popular among teachers and writers because it gains attraction from the reader.

The strikethrough text option can be of a single horizontal line or double horizontal line which crossed out the text. Most writers prefer strikethrough text in Google Docs which look like this.

Google Docs text can be formatted in different styles like superscript, highlighted text, exponents, and yes strikethrough text Google Docs is one of them.

How to strikethrough on Google Docs

Open the existing Google Docs document from Google Drive.

Now you have to select and highlight the particular text content in which you want to add strikethrough on Google Docs with the help of a mouse.

In the Menu bar click to the Format, from the drop-down menu navigate to Text option then click on Strikethrough formatting option to cross out text. See below image for reference-

How to strikethrough in Google Docs, strikethrough Google Docs

In real-time, you will see a line appear which will cross out text.

Example to How to strikethrough in Google Docs

This is an example of strikethrough on Google Docs

Strikethrough Google Docs Shortcut

To strike a line through text, Windows users will use the ALT + SHIFT + 5 combination key, which is a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough Google Docs in Windows PC.

Strikethrough Google Docs Shortcut Mac

Select and highlight the text that you want to format strikethrough in Mac Google Docs. Then MacOS user press ⌘ + Shift + X strikethrough keyboard shortcut command to cross out the text in the doc.

How to strikethrough on Google Docs using command

Sometimes it is difficult to select text one by one and put a cross line on a paragraph in the entire document. Instead, you just enable strikethrough option and start typing. For that,

Open new Google docs document

Press the ALT + SHIFT + 5 key from the keyboard for enabling strike out and then start typing.

As you write the text in the editor, your text will automatically get strikethrough format. This will not only save your time but also stop you to take your hand to the mouse all the time.

How to remove strikethrough in Google Docs

Select the particular text or a whole paragraph from which you want to delete the cross line with the help of the mouse, then press ALT+SHIFT+5 key from the keyboard to completely remove strikethrough on Google docs.

How to undo strikethrough in Google Docs

If you have mistakenly made a strikethrough format text then you can use CTRL + Z keyboard shortcut immediately in Google Docs, which is a basic command for undoing the lines from text through it.

How to change strikethrough color in Google Docs

There is no shortcut for color strikethrough feature, but with the help of the drawing tool, we can change strikethrough color in Google Docs.

In the Menu option, click to Insert then navigate to the Drawing click to the +New

A drawing panel opens in front of you. Now choose Text box icon from the toolbar menus and type required text in box. Now click on Line icon to draw cross line on the text. As shown in below image-

strikethrough Google Docs, Shortcut for strikethrough Google docs

Now click on the Line color icon, from there you have to select the color which you want to use as color strikethrough in Google Docs. Here we select the red color for example. You can also change the font color from here.

change strikethrough color
Example of colored strikethrough Google docs

After selecting the color you have to click on Save and Close button for saving the work and your color strikethrough appears in Google Docs.

How to put a double line through text in Google Docs

There is no formatting option for double line crossed out text in doc, but with the drawing tool, we can make double strikethrough text. For that-

Open Google Docs on your computer

In the Menu bar, click to Insert then navigate to the Drawing then click to the +New

A drawing panel opens in front of you. Now choose Text box icon from the toolbar menus and type necessary text in the box. Now click on Line format icon to put a line through text. You have to make two separate lines on text for double strikethrough. Then Save and Close.

Double strikethrough Google docs, strikethrough Google docs, cross out
Double strikethrough Google Docs

Your double strikethrough will get appear in Google Docs.

strikethrough in Google docs

You can change the font size, font color, color of a line, and style of words with the above method.

Before making strikethrough on Google Docs always remember, that when you do word count on Google Docs, text or phrase which consist line will also count.

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