Use Google Docs Voice Typing as Dictation

Typing a long document is a time consuming process, and if it’s your daily job then it will be a headache for you. What if you just speak and someone starts typing, just like voice dictation. Yes, in Google docs you can use your voice to text for composing a document. Google docs is an alternative of Microsoft Word. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word Document then Google docs will be easy for you. Let us see how to enable voice typing on Google docs

Voice typing in Google docs support over 40 different languages. See how to turn ON voice typing in Google docs.

Firstly you must have installed a microphone on your PC or if you have a laptop then there will be already a built-in microphone. Secondly, you must have Google account to use Google docs.

How to enable Google docs voice typing

Open Google docs and make login with your Google account.

Navigate to Tools then go to Voice typing. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+S shortcut to enable the voice typing feature.

enable voice typing in google docs, How to enable Google docs voice typing

It will ask you to allow permission to microphone. Allow it.

Use Google Docs for Voice Typing in PC, allow permission to microphone

A small microphone voice typing icon will appear on left side of screen. 

voice typing icon

You can choose your language by clicking on dropdown menu. It supports over 40 different languages.

language support by Google docs, google docs speech to text

Click on it to enable. Start voice typing.

Command to edit the document

You may found some mistakes during the dictation but you can edit via mouse and by simple commands. You can directly move the cursor to the correction area, make the correction via backspace button, or you can use command says “ Backspace” it will delete the particular word. Click on “Question Mark” icon to see all commands. There are several commands you can use while editing like select all, copy, paste, etc.

Google docs Voice typing commands for adding punctuation

  • Period
  • Comma
  • Exclamation mark
  • Question mark
  • New line
  • New Paragraph

You can use lots of other commands to make your voice typing to the next level by clicking on “question mark” ( Voice typing help) as show in below image.

voice typing help, enable voice typing for dictation

It will give you a lot of suggestion to how to edit your document like

  • Select all – to select all text
  • Select line – to select a particular line
  • Copy – to copy text
  • Insert table – to insert table

Note – It required Google account to access Google docs, a microphone, and your voice.

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