Google Docs Voice Typing not Working

Voice typing on Google Docs supports over 40 different languages. See how to use voice typing on Google Docs and how to fix if Google Docs Voice Typing not Working.

Firstly you must have installed a microphone on your PC or if you have a laptop then there will be already a built-in microphone. Secondly, you must have a Google account to use Google Docs.

Google Docs Voice Typing not Working

Grant Microphone Access to Google Docs

Open Google Docs and make login with your Google account.

Navigate to “Tools” then go to Voice typing. You can also use “Ctrl + Shift + S” shortcut to enable the voice typing feature.

google docs voice typing not working

Docs will ask you to allow permission to use microphone on Google Docs. Allow it.

allow permission to microphone when google docs voice typing not working

A small microphone voice typing icon will appear on the left side of the screen to activate voice typing Google Docs. 

google docs voice typing microphone icon

You can choose your language by clicking on dropdown menu. It supports over 40 different languages.

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languages for google docs voice typing

Click on it to enable. Start voice typing.

Ensure Microphone Connectivity and Settings

  • Verify that your microphone is properly connected to your computer or laptop.
  • Check the microphone volume settings and ensure it is not muted.
  • Test the microphone with other applications to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Try a Different Browser

  • Try using Google Docs voice typing in a different browser.
  • Sometimes, browser-specific conflicts can impact the functionality.
  • Test voice typing in an alternative browser to determine if it works correctly.

These troubleshooting steps can address the issue of Google Docs voice typing not working and resume using this convenient feature for your document creation needs.

Google Docs voice typing keeps stopping

  1. Check Internet Connection
    A stable internet connection is essential for the voice typing feature to function properly.
    Verify that you are connected to a reliable network and experiencing no connectivity issues.
  2. Restart Browser or Use Incognito Mode
    Close and reopen your browser to refresh its processes.
    Alternatively, use the incognito mode or private browsing mode to run Google Docs without extensions or cached data, which can help isolate the issue.

Try some Google voice typing punctuation

  • Period
  • Comma
  • Exclamation mark
  • Question mark
  • New line
  • New Paragraph

You can use lots of other commands to make your voice typing to the next level by clicking on “question mark” ( Voice typing help) as shown below image.

voice typing help, enable voice typing for dictation,voice typing google docs

It will give you a lot of suggestions on how to edit your document like

  • Select all – to select all text
  • Select line – to select a particular line
  • Copy – to copy text
  • Insert table – to insert table

Note – It required a Google account to access Google Docs, a microphone, and your voice.

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