How to Add (±, ∓) Plus Minus Symbol in Word

The Plus minus symbol, (plus or minus sign), or ± is a Mathematical symbol represent different meanings. In Mathematics ± sign indicates two equations or two values. For example, 45±3 represents 45+3 and 45-3.

You can insert and ± both symbol in Microsoft Word.

In Microsoft Word 2016 you can add Plus minus symbol in word or minus plus symbol together in many different ways. Some of them are as follow:-

Plus Minus Symbol in Word

Plus Minus Symbol in Word

To insert plus minus symbol Open Microsoft Word

Go to Insert then Symbol then click on Plus-Minus Sign to add symbol in Word document. See below screenshot for reference-

Plus Minus Symbol in Word

Plus Minus Symbol Word Alt code

In Microsoft word 2013, word 2016, word 2019 you can use keyboard shortcut keys ALT + 0177 or ALT + 241 to add the symbol. This is the simplest and easiest way to add plus or minus symbol in Word with the help of ALT key.

How do you type the plus and minus sign together

Go to Insert then click Equation then go to lnk Equation editor. Now type a rough drawing of minus plus symbol or any other sign which you are not finding in MS Word Document.

How to type plus or minus in word

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