How to Turn ON Google Voice Search for PC, Desktop

You can use Google Voice search for PC online on a laptop, and Android smartphone with the help of the Chrome browser. Google will help you to use your voice as a command for searching purposes. It works on all site and you can enable or disable it for one particular site also. So, how to turn ON Google voice search on PC?

Please be sure you are using Chrome, you have microphone either built-in or additionally attached.

This method will work on Chrome browser because different browser has different functions and settings.

You can use Google voice search for PC for just searching purposes, not for whole writing. Just have to open a fresh page of chrome and click on the microphone icon and start speaking. You can use voice search for pc, in Google maps, Youtube for music, etc.

How to turn ON Google Voice Search for PC Chrome

You can turn ON voice search by Open Google chrome

Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Site Settings

How to Turn ON Google Voice Search for PC,how to turn on voice search,voice search settings
How to turn on voice search on Chrome

Look for Microphone and Click it to open

Turn Ask before accessing on or off. That’ it.

After changing your voice search settings PC, go to Homepage Click on Mic and Speak.

Google voice search is not working on PC

Open Google Chrome on desktop. You will see a google mic search icon on the right hand side appear on Search bar.

how to enable voice search in chrome pc, google voice search for pc

Click on it

Pop up appear on left hand side of address bar which you want to Allow or to Block. You have to Allow it.

use your microphone for voice search, google voice search for pc

Google voice search for desktop if mic not working

If unknowingly voice search has been turned off then how to voice search on Google by just changing voice search settings PC on a particular website in Chrome. Follow the below steps:-

Open site in which you want to use voice search.

On left hand side of address bar click Lock Icon

google voice search settings chrome,How to Turn ON Google Voice Search for PC

You will able to see which settings are blocked, Allow the microphone to turn ON. Now you are ready to use Voice Search by Google.

Above are some helpful tips which can help you to how to turn ON Google voice search for PC.

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