How to Play YouTube in Background

Playing YouTube in the background on Android smartphones can be frustrating for some users. Unlike on desktop, where you can easily switch tabs and continue listening to music videos, the YouTube app on Android doesn’t offer a built-in option for background playback.

However, there are simple workarounds that allow you to play YouTube in background and enjoy uninterrupted music playback.

One of the easiest and most effective solutions is to use popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on your Android smartphone. These browsers allow you to request the desktop version of YouTube and enable background playback.

Without using any other player, you can easily play YouTube in background and listen to music without any lag.

These browsers will help you to continue to play music in background android and while listening you can do other work at the same time.

How to play YouTube in background Android

Firstly you have to download and install Chrome or Firefox on your android smartphone, if you already have one then it is fine.

Now open your browser and open “” normally,

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In the upper right corner, click on “three dots”

Look for the “Request desktop site” option and enable it.

Play Music in Background Android,listen to youtube in background android

Now your YouTube is on desktop site mode. Now search your favorite music on YouTube and play music in the background on android.

As your music will start, just tap the “Home button” of your android, you will notice a music icon appear on the notification bar, from there you can resume your music and you won’t have to open YouTube.

By doing the same thing you can do any other thing on your phone like surfing, open Facebook, and your music will work in the background.

Use YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that offers several additional features, including the ability to play videos in the background.

By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you can enjoy ad-free videos, offline downloads, and background playback.

This means you can start playing a video, minimize the YouTube app, and continue listening to the audio while using other apps or even when the screen is turned off.

Though YouTube Premium comes at a cost, it provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for playing YouTube videos in the background.

Playing YouTube in the background can enhance your multitasking abilities and provide a more seamless experience for enjoying videos and music.

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