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How to Reset Chrome Browser to Default Settings

How to fix your chrome browser functionality error when you notice some unusual activity on Google Chrome browser like adding of a different search engine, other third party extension installed on your browser without your knowledge. Then it might me be good for you to reset Chrome browser to its default settings or install a fresh chrome.

Here, to reset a chrome browser is a good option rather than it to download and install. Before we proceed to restore chrome you must see what it will change-

Settings which might automatically get reset:

  • The default search engine will set as Original
  • Your Homepage
  • Startup pages will be reset to default
  • Pinned tabs will get unpinned
  • Extensions and themes will be removed
  • Cookies and Site Settings will be cleared- Learn how to clear cookies and cache

However, your bookmarks, history and saved password will not be deleted.

Reset Chrome Browser Default Settings

How to Restore Chrome on Computer

Open Chrome Browser on Your Computer

Go to the Chrome menu ( 3 vertical dots) on the top right

Click Settings

Scroll down Click Advanced

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Under “Reset and Clean up

Click Restore settings to their original defaults

An alert message box appear what your data will reset

Click Reset Settings to proceed

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