How To Insert Arrow In Google Docs

Insert Google Docs arrow in the document is quite simple and easy. Arrow is considered a special character in Google Documents. The basic Google Docs arrow symbol can be Up, Down, Right, Left.

You can type an arrow symbol in Google Docs with the help of a keyboard shortcut or via a menu option. So here we see how to make an arrow in Google Docs?

Google Docs Arrow Shortcut, shortcut for arrow in google docs
Google Docs Arrow Shortcut

Google Docs Arrow Shortcut Symbol

Google Docs arrow shortcut is helpful when you want to save mouse click. With the help of ALT key and numeric key, you can insert an arrow directly in Google Docs.

Please make sure you are using the left alt key of a keyboard. Do not click or press the right alt key, it will not work. Below is the list of Google Docs arrow shortcut key.

Alt+24Shortcut for Up Arrow in Google Docs
Alt+25Down Arrow in Google Docs shortcut
Alt+26Right Arrow
Alt+27Left Arrow
Alt+29Left/Right Arrow
↨ Alt+23Up/Down Arrow
List of Google docs arrow symbol shortcut

How to add an arrow in Google Docs

If the Google Docs arrow shortcut does not work for you, then you can still find and place any symbol, including an arrow and a special character, in Google Docs via a menu. Simply follow the below steps:-

In the Menu bar navigate to Insert and go to Special Characters

You will see a box that contains different types of an arrow from which you can select accordingly.

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How to make an arrow in Google Docs

The Drawing tool is very helpful to make an arrow in Google Docs. From this, you can add different types of arrows.

Open a new Google Docs document in which you want to type an arrow.

Click Insert from the menu bar

Go to the Drawing and navigate to +New

How to type an arrow in Google docs, arrow symbol google docs
Google Docs arrow shortcut

A new drawing panel opens in front of you. Now you have to click on the Shape icon options from the header.

Now click the Arrows from the list as shown in the below image.

google docs arrow shortcut, How to type an arrow in Google docs

You can select different types of arrow symbols in Google Docs like up arrow, down arrow, quad arrow, bent arrow, curved up arrow, curved down arrow, etc.

google docs arrow shortcut, How to type an arrow in Google docs,how to make an arrow in google docs
Example of quad arrow Google Docs

How to make a down arrow in Google Ddocs?

Use Alt+25 key to make down arrow. (Use left Alt key on the keyboard)

How to make an up arrow in Google Docs?

Use Alt+24 key to make an up arrow. (Use left Alt key on the keyboard)

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