Google Docs Arrow Shortcut for Up, Down, Right, Left

Insert Arrow in Google docs is quite simple and easy. Arrow is considered a special character in Google Documents. The arrow symbol can be Up, Down, Right, Left. You can insert an arrow symbol in Google docs with a keyboard shortcut or via a menu option.

Google Docs Arrow Symbol Shortcut

With the help of ALT key and numeric key you can insert an arrow directly in Google docs.

Please make sure you are using left alt key of a keyboard. Do not click or press the right alt key, it will not work. Below is the list of Google docs arrow shortcut.

Alt+24Shortcut for Up Arrow in Google docs
Alt+25Down Arrow Google docs shortcut
Alt+26Right Arrow
Alt+27Left Arrow
Alt+29Left/Right Arrow
↨ Alt+23Up/Down Arrow
List of Google docs arrow symbol

How to type an arrow in Google Docs

You can add any symbol including arrow and special character in Google docs via menu by following below steps:-

In the menu navigate to Insert > Special Characters

You will see a box which contains different types of arrow from which you can select accordingly.

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