How to Put Arrow on Top of Letter Google Docs

An arrow over a letter is a mathematical notation that indicates a vector quantity. It is commonly used in physics and engineering to denote vectors, which are quantities that have both magnitude and direction.

Learn how to put arrow on top of letter Google Docs by using the Google Docs equation tool

How to put arrow above letter in Google Docs

To put an arrow above a letter in Google Docs, we can use the “Equation” function. With Google Docs equation you can put a bar and arrow over a letter. Here’s how:

Open the Google Docs document

Click on the “Insert” tab in the menu bar.

Click on “Equation” in the dropdown menu.

How to Put an Arrow Above a Letter in Google Docs

In the equation editor box type in “\vec” and hit the “Spacebar” key from the keyboard

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how to put an arrow over a letter in google docs

An arrow will appear above the blank space where you have to write the letter. See the below screenshot for reference –

how to put arrow on top of letter google docs

This way you can put an arrow above a letter in Google Docs.

You can also change the color and style of the arrow by selecting it and choosing options from the “Format” tab in the menu bar.

Using an arrow above a letter will make your documents and presentations clearer and more professional, especially if you are dealing with vector quantities or technical diagrams.

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