How to Write a Fraction in Google Docs

In Google Docs, you can write fraction symbols or division signs (/ or -) which consist of both numerator and denominator numbers as fractions in two different ways.

Some people and students prefer to put fraction format as a diagonal line (/) and some like a division line (-) to display fractions while writing in documents.

If you want to write a common fraction format like one-half (½) or one-fourth (¼) simply type fraction and then press enter from the keyboard, your fraction bar will automatically be inserted on Google Docs.

Some people like to write 1/2 or 1/16 type fractions and want to disable auto-formatting of fractions form in Google Docs document.

So we will learn the different ways to insert fractions in Google Docs and put dash (—) between numerator and denominator and forward slash (/) between numbers.

How to make a fraction in Google Docs using Equation

The equation tool is very helpful to make a horizontal division line between numerator and denominator numbers in Google Docs.

Open Google Docs from Google Drive if you already have an existing document, or create a new one. Place the cursor where you want to insert fractions in Google Docs.

Then navigate to the “Menu bar” and go to “Insert” -> click on “Equation”

How to Write a Fraction in Google Docs

Under the new equation toolbar, select “Math Operations” then select the fraction format as shown in the below image-

How to Write a Fraction in Google Docs

Now enter the number in the place of numerator and denominator place. This will generate vertical fractions and avoid forward slash.

You can type the simple fraction, mixed fraction, and uncommon fraction in Google Docs by Equation editor.

How to Write a Fraction in Google Docs

The equation editor is the best way to insert maths equation in Google Docs.

You can type and make both proper fractions and mixed fraction in Google Docs by the Equation Editor method.

How to write a fraction in Google Docs using special characters

You can also write fractions in Google Docs by inserting special characters in the docs.

Open the “Google Docs” document on the computer browser and take the cursor where you want to put fractions.

Navigate to the “Menu” option and go to “Insert” -> click on “Special characters”

A small box will appear in front of you, from there drop down and choose Number then Fractions/Related as mentioned under-

How to Write a Fraction in Google Docs

Now select the required fraction bar symbols from the table for example ¼, ½, etc. These are very helpful for writing the common type of fraction in Google Docs.

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How to type and stop converting fractions in Google Docs using Preferences

If you want to type fraction like 3/4, or 1/16 and stop to convert numbers automatically, then disable the preference in the docs. For that, go to Tools → click on Preferences.

Select the Substitutions tab and then untick the required fraction box under automatic substitution. Click “OK” to save.

How to Write a Fraction in Google Docs

Now when the number will type your uncommon fraction will stop converted in automatic form, and it will turn into fractions on Google Docs.

How to make fractions bigger in Google Docs

First write the fractions by using any method using Equation or special character, then to make the fraction bigger just increase the font size from the toolbar.

Google Docs Fraction Shortcut using Add-on

Google Docs fraction can be added by using “Auto-LaTeX Equations” add-on.

In the “Menu bar”, click “Extensions -> Add-ons” and click “Get add-ons” option.

How to Write a Fraction in Google Docs

Type “Auto-LaTeX Equations” in the search box and click it for installation.

Select a Google account and allow permission. Click Next -> Done. After the installation now you are ready to use it to write fraction.

How to generate fraction using Latex

Back to Menu bar, click “Add-ons” -> Auto-LaTeX Equations -> Start

Click on “Show Advanced Settings” and select “$$…$$” delimiters style.

How to Write a Fraction in Google Docs

Type below in the document editor


Note: In the place of “a” and “b” you have to write the actual number that you want to get into fraction style

Click on “Render Equations” to get a mathematical fraction in Google Docs.

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