(°) How to Make a Degree Symbol in Google Docs

A degree sign is a mathematical special symbol that is used to denote temperature, unit of angle measure, etc. Most of the students and teachers find it difficult for searching degree symbol in Google Docs. Where is the degree symbol in Google Docs?

Google Docs allows you to insert degree Celsius symbol (), Degree Fahrenheit (), or simply degree sign (°) which you can use for both temperature symbol and as an angle symbol in Google Docs.

There is three simple and easy way to insert a sign of degree symbol in Google Docs document via the menu bar, degree symbol Alt code, and character map.

How to type degree symbol in Google Docs

The first step is to open a document in Google Docs on your browser and put the cursor where you want to insert the degree sign in Google Docs.

Access the Menu bar and click on Insert options then navigate and click to Special Characters option.

How to insert degree symbol in Google docs,  how to put degree symbol on google docs

A new special characters box will appear in front of the document.

Now you have to type degree from the keyboard in the search box OR draw the degree symbol in the drawing panel as shown below image.

Making degree symbol in Google Docs drawing panel
Making degree symbol in Google Docs drawing panel

Now select the Celsius symbol (℃), Fahrenheit symbol (℉), or simply degree sign (°) from the list, your degree icon will get added to Google Docs. You can also use this as an angle measurement symbol in Google Docs.

Shortcut for degree symbol Google Docs

With the help of a keyboard, a degree symbol can be inserted into a Google document. Use the Alt code from the keyboard, the degree shortcut will be Alt + 0176 from the numeric keypad.

You can also use Unicode of Character, for Degree sign (°) i.e., U+00B0, for Degree Celsius or Centigrade () U+2103, for Degree Fahrenheit () U+2109.

How to insert degree symbol in Google Docs

To insert a degree symbol, Character Map is very helpful. It is a list of different special symbols and characters. Windows users search Character Map in the search box in Windows desktop to open it.

How to make a degree symbol in Google docs

All you need to do is copy and paste the degree symbols in Google Docs.

Alt code, Unicode, and Shortcuts are the best methods that you can use to insert degree signs in the document which not only saves your time but is also faster.

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