How to run netsh winsock reset Windows 10

What does netsh Winsock reset do Windows 10?

First of all Winsock or Windows Sockets is a technical specification that defines how Windows network software access network services, especially TCP/IP.

After performing reset, Windows 10 reset Winsock catalog to it default settings.

Windows comes with Dynamic Link Library (DLL) refer to as winsock.dll that implements the API and coordinates Windows programs and TCP/IP connections.

But sometimes Windows Sockets or Winsock may get corrupted and as a result of which you may not be able to connect to the Internet. It may therefore need to repair network adaptor.

When to run netsh Winsock reset Windows 10?

Whenever you face any issue regarding network connectivity like network adaptor not working,

Unable to access any webpage or access some webpages,
Pop-up error window with network related problem description,

No network connectivity due to registry errors,

DNS lookup problem or any other connectivity problem etc

How to run netsh Winsock Reset Windows 10

This is an example to reset network adaptor or repair network settings in Windows 10 PC. Before reset settings, you must create a system restore point in your pc.

To reset Winsock catalog in Windows 10 computer, type cmd or command prompt in search box open as admin, by right-clicking on it

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netsh winsock reset windows 10

Type netsh winsock reset and hit Enter. It is a winsock reset command to make settings default. This will take a few seconds to reset.

Now you will have to restart or reboot your computer. That’s it.

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Some of the very useful commands that you can use in Microsoft Windows to reset Winsock catalog back to the default setting.-

1   netsh int ipv4 reset  (For IPv4)

2   netsh int ipv6 reset  (For IPv6)

3   netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt (Reset log)

4   netsh winsock reset catalog

These commands will work in every Windows version like 7/8/10. After every command reboot your computer. Before performing any command must create a restore point.

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