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How to Factory Reset Windows 10 PC

    Why you want to do factory reset of Windows 10? Might be your PC is not functioning well or sometimes got hang while working or might be your PC hard drive is full and have not enough space.

    Then you have to either delete some content or format your pc is also another option.

    But instead of doing deleting you have another great option. You can either reset or reinstall your pc without any headache.

    In Windows 10 you do not require any hard drive cleaner or any third party software to clean hard drive

    Below method is a simple and easy way to restore pc to factory settings without deleting Windows from your pc.

    Before we proceed create a system restore point

    How to Factory Reset Windows 10 computer

    Open Settings by typing Settings in Search Box on Task Bar.

    Click Update & Security.

    Open Recovery from the Left pane then Click Get Started

    how to factory reset windows 10

    You will see two options here Keep my files and Remove everything

    how to reset windows 10

    If you select Keep my files then it just removes your installed apps from Windows 10 and keeps your personal files. You can use this option when you want to remove only installed files from C drive(default) and don’t want to remove content from other drives.

    Here we’ll select Remove everything to reset Windows 10 completely by removing all install apps, settings, personal files and all data from other drives also.

    You can select either All drives or Only the drive where Windows is installed. If we select only drive where Windows is install then it will delete only C: drive, but if we select All drive it will include C: D: E: etc whatever drive you have. You can check by clicking Show me the list of drives that will be affected

    Let’s select All drives > Remove all files and clean the drive

    reset windows 10,how to do a windows 10 reset

    Then Next. It will give prior warning

    Click Reset to Continue

    It will take some time to do complete factory reset of Windows 10 according to your drive space.

    Once your Windows 10 computer reset, it will remove all user data. This includes documents, passwords, pictures, settings, browser information, and application data, apps.

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