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Wipe your Computer without Deleting Windows 10

To wipe or format computer in Windows 10 is easy and simple process. To wipe hard drive means to completely reset pc or format hdd in your computer.

Sometimes you required to format complete computer at once or Wipe only the particular drive in which Windows 10 install.

Or even you want to delete all data from computer without deleting Windows 10 Operating System.

In Windows 10 pc you have to not require any hard drive cleaner third party software to clean hard drive.

Here we will see how to completely clean hard drive in Windows 10
How to wipe single disk in Windows 10 easily
remove unnecessary files in Windows 10

Wipe hard drive and reinstall Windows 10

Open Settings by type Settings in search box on taskbar.

Click Update & Security Open Recovery then Click Get started

wipe hard drive

Select Remove everything (this will remove all of your files, app and settings)

wipe hard drive in windows 10

You can select either  All drives or Only the drive where Windows is installed

erase hard drive in windows 10

Let’s select All drives > Remove all files and clean the drive

Then Next. It will give prior warning.

Click Reset to Continue.

It will take some time to wipe hard disk according to your drive space.

Use Disk Cleanup to wipe drive in which Windows 10 install

Search for Disk cleanup app from the search in taskbar and select it.

Click the Disk Cleanup App button.

Select drive C: then OK.

how to erase hard drive

Click on Clean up System Files then OK

how to clean disk

Select the check box which you want to delete

Windows Update Cleanup
Windows Defender Antivirus
Downloaded Program Files
Temporary Internet Files
DirectX Shader Cache
Delivery Optimization Files
System created Windows Error Reporting
Recycle Bin
Downloaded files

Windows 10 update cleanup

Select OK to proceed.

Use Disk Cleanup to securely erase computer hard disk

Search for Disk cleanup app from the search in taskbar and select it.

Click the Disk Cleanup button.

Select drive D: or E:  drive then OK.

Select Clean up System Files

Select the check box which you want to wipe

Click OK to proceed.

Wipe hard drive through Disk Management

Right click on This PC Select Manage

Select Disk Management

computer management

Select drive and right click the drive to Format

disk management format drive

Click Format

Give Volume Label, File System should be NTFS

select drive to format

OK to Format the drive.

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