How to use Rufus for Bootable USB

For making USB bootable Rufus is a free, simple, clean interface and powerful utility tool that consume less memory on your computer. It is a small utility tool that helps to format and creates a Windows 10 bootable via USB.

How to use Rufus

Rufus create bootable USB media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.)

Rufus gives you a quick format option.

Rufus software is small in size and is twice faster as compared to other tools available on the market. It supports only ISO image format. Support 32-bit and 64-bit operating system and also multiple languages.

How to use Rufus to install Windows 10

This tutorial helps you to how to use Rufus Windows 10 USB bootable, make sure USB drive is empty, if not, then format the device by using the normal formatting process. If it contains data it will either lose it or the Rufus USB tool will quickly format it to make it bootable. Hence, make a backup of your data.

Click on the Rufus USB tool and open it, Insert USB

Select device if you have multiple USB

Select the partition scheme or remain it by default.

Now select 1ISO Image by drop-down and now select the 2path of iso image which you want to make bootable.

Click start, a dialog box will appear for data overwritten, Click OK to proceed.

It will take some time to make USB bootable.

When the bootable process will get complete your screen will appear like this.

After making USB bootable your USB will no longer save any data. To make your USB in a normal state just format it and your USB will come in a normal state and will be ready to save data.

Rufus Download

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