Create Bootable USB from ISO

power iso make bootable usb
There are so many software available on internet which can create bootable USB from  iso image.
Here we will discuss two different tools which create bootable installation media
1 Power Iso
2 Rufus

How to Create bootable USB from iso

In order to create installation media, We’ll here use Power Iso. Power Iso is a powerful and best software for bootable Pendrive that can be also used for CD/DVD burn, create bootable USB device from iso Windows 10, data appending, virtual drive creation, etc. It supports both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. Let us get start…
Before start using Power Iso to create a bootable USB, make sure your USB drive is empty, if not, then format it by using the normal formatting process. If it contains data it will either lost it or Power Iso will not accept it to make it bootable.
Open Power Iso software and Insert the USB drive which you want to create bootable USB iso Windows 10.
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In the top menu bar click “Tools”

Now select  “Create Bootable USB Drive…”
It will ask you for administrative permission Click OK to proceed…

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Now you have to chose source iso image which you want to make and make sure your USB is connected.

Select destination USB which you want to make if you have multiples one

Write method should be USB-HDD

Click start to begin the bootable process,  before starting it will remind a security warning for data will be overwritten Click ok to proceed. It will take some time to make it.
create bootable iso free windows

If there is no error then your USB will become bootable, but if there is an error in USB drive it will show an error message.

In the image, you can see ” writing USB drive successful” means no error.
Your USB ready to use.

Note- After creating a bootable USB from iso your USB will no longer save any data. To make your USB in a normal state just format it, and your USB will come in a normal state and it will ready to save data.

If you face any difficulty in installing Power Iso or creation of USB bootable you can use another tool “RUFUS” to create bootable USB from iso which is free and small in size by seeing Windows 10 bootable USB tool Rufus.

Power Iso Download

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