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How to Delete Temporary Internet Files in Windows 10

Temporary files are those file which remains on your computer and consumes your value able space. Temporary files are not important for Windows 10 computer they are just temporary in nature. When you found that your drive is gettinf full, you will need to delete temporary files.

Why they are in my Computer?

Files which are in windows temp folder called temp files. When you install any software, update Windows, error, logs, temporary files get remains in your computer automatically.

Where to find temporary files on my computer?

Temporary files will not get removed, until you remove it manually.

How to Delete Temporary files in Windows 10

Open Settings > System > Storage >This PC

temporary internet files windows 10

Now select Temporary Files

clear temp files windows 10

Choose which items you’d like to permanently remove to free up space:

Windows upgrade log files.
System created Windows Error Reporting files.
Windows Defender Antivirus.
Windows Update Cleanup.
Temporary files.
Recycle Bin.
Temporary Internet Files.
Delivery Optimization Files.
DirectX Shader Cache.
Previous Windows Installation

how to remove temp files in windows 10,windows upgrade log files

Click to Remove files button to remove it.

You can delete all the files or you can choose anyone.

Clear Temporary files in Windows 10 by Disk Cleanup

Search for Disk cleanup app from the search in taskbar and select it.

Click to Disk Cleanup button.

Select drive C: then OK. It will calculate the amount of disk to be free.

select drive to clean

Select the Checkbox which you want to delete. For example, Temporary Internet Files, System created Windows Error Reporting, Windows upgrade log files, Recycle Bin and Temporary Files.

Image of temp files

Then click OK to proceed.

If you found any difficulty to find disk cleanup or free up space now in your computer then you can also follow below steps. The below procedure you can use to remove temp files in all versions of Windows, whether it is Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 etc…

Remove Temporary files in Windows 10 by Run method

Open Run by directly type Run in search box or use Windows logo key+R to open. In the box type %temp% and hit Ok.

delete temporary files command prompt

Now you will see all the temporary files on your computer.

where do i find temporary internet file

Select All by Ctrl+A and Delete it. 

PC cleaner software CCleaner to delete internet files in Windows 10

It is a third party temp cleaner software which can clean temp files, temporary internet files, browser cache etc…

Download and Install CCleaner

Open CCleaner

ccleaner to remove temporary files

Go to Options orary>Select Advanced >Check “Only delete files in Windows Temp folder older than 24 hours”. These are several methods which you can use in Windows 10 Computer to remove temporary files.

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