How to Address Multiple & Two People in an Email

It is crucial to make a communication professionally via email when you are addressing multiple people in an email or address two people in an email whether it is-

  • Letter to Clients
  • Notice for information
  • Communication with Boss
  • Thanks Giving
  • Addressing a Group

“Hi There”, “Hello”, “Dear”, “Good Mornings” are formal greetings and salutations you should use when writing an email to your recipients.

There is nothing like a proper format of an email, it is all about to whom you are writing and how well you write. In Email writing, etiquette is the most important before writing an email to multiple recipients.

Conveying a message in a polite gesture must be first priority whether it is a formal or informal email.

Whether you address multiple people in an email to your team member, family member, or even just two or three people. Choose your word that is courteous in nature like “Respected Sir or Ma’am”.

In the email world you are talking to a person to whom you can’t see facial expressions, so avoid using any type of harsh words. Because you don’t know which word can hurt the emotion of recipients.

how to address two people in an email or how to address multiple people in an email

You cannot change the written word after you hit the send button of the email.

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How to address multiple people in an email

When you are addressing multiple people in an email you think about what salutation (greetings) I should use?

“Dear” is the most common word that fits any type of email writing whether it is a business email, academic, writing to a friend, etc.

Be polite and start an email to several recipients by writing the common salutation “Dear Team”, “Dear Colleagues”, “Dear Team Members”

If you have a strong relationship with the group, address multiple people with “Hi Team” or “Hi Everyone.”

After greetings, you should tell the recipients who you are, for example-

“This is Mike” or “This is your team leader”.

Note: Most of the time recipients don’t recognize the email address of the sender, so after greeting tell your name or your relationship to the recipients.

How to address two people in an email

When you address two people in an email or three people you can simply address their name or greet two persons by their surname, which sounds more formal and professional.

Always include the main recipient first followed by the next recipient,

  • Dear John Smith and Dear Mike Brown (Informal)
  • Dear Mr. Smith and Dear Mr. Brown (formal)

How to reply to an email with multiple recipients

When you address an email to a group use the name of a group with “Dear” or “Hello to All”. If your email changes to conversation mode then no need to put salutations all time, simply put the direct message in email and act like chat box.

Important points to be followed while writing an email

Crosscheck – After writing the email, cross-check the grammatical error, typos mistake in an email. Try to reduce grammatical mistakes as much as possible. Grammarly can help to improve it.

Avoid Capital letters – Do not use all capital letters to highlight the message, it is considered to be rude.

Proper Structure – Make a proper email structure from greetings to closings and use simple words.

Closings – During composing an email try to keep the closings in a formal way whether it is a business email or academic. Like-

  • Regards
  • Sincerely
  • Thank you
  • Faithfully

Don’t use that word that you yourself don’t like. Email writing is all about Etiquette.

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