How to Circle Something in Google Docs Best Ways

In Google Docs any geometrical shape can be inserted whether it is a 2d or 3d shape, we had already covered the insertion of text box in Google Docs. In this tutorial, we will learn how to circle something in Google Docs whether it is letter (text) or number.

How to circle something in Google Docs

Let’s say you want to highlight the words within the main body text through a circle, for that you have to first make and insert the circle then you have to adjust the position of the circle.

How to make a circle in Google Docs

Open “Google Docs”, go to “Menu Bar” click the “Insert” option and then navigate to “Drawing” and click it.

Click on “+New”. A new window called Drawing Panel will open. As shown below image.

Choose the drawing option to make circle in Google Docs

In the drawing panel select the option “Shapes” and choose the “Oval” shape.

Select the oval shape in google docs

Now draw the circle according to the required size and make the circle transparent so that when you put the circle around the text, the text will visible.

Click on “Fill color” option and then select “Transparent”.

Transparent circle shape

You can also make the circle border thick. Then click on Save and Close to save your work in the document.

How to circle a word in Google Docs

Your circle will be visible on top of the page after being added to the document.

To circle a word in Google Docs, change the text wrapping by clicking the “In front of text” option and drag n drop the circle around the text, and resize it.

How to circle something in Google Docs

After resizing and adjusting the circle around the text can look like the below image-

Circle around the text in google docs

Through the above process, text, words, sentences, and anything can be encircled in Google Docs in the main body of the document.

How to circle a number in Google Docs

To circle a number or a letter in Google Docs press “Alt + I + C” shortcut key to open a list of characters.

Type “circle number”, “circle digit”, or “circle letter” in the search box to get a list of enclosed alphanumeric series in Google Docs.

How to circle a number in Google Docs

These numbers and letters can be used when users want to insert multiple choice in Google Docs.

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