Microsoft Word Highlight Shortcut (Helpful)

In Microsoft Word, highlighting text is not just select any text by mouse or by double clicking on it. Imagine when you are reading any book and want to mark or display any important point you’ll use a highlighter pen. In a Word document, you can do it in a similar way.

MS Word users can highlight a single line text, a paragraph, or a whole document.

You can highlight the text as well as change the highlighted color. Below are a few Microsoft Word highlight shortcut keys that help you add color behind the text. So how to highlight text using keyboard?

Shortcut for highlighting in Word

Firstly select the color which you want to use for highlighting the text from the menu as shown.

Shortcut for highlighting in word, word helpful

Now select text which you want to highlight and then press Ctrl + Alt + H which is the word highlight shortcut from the keyboard. See the example below-

Shortcut for highlighting in word

Shortcut to remove highlight in word

In Word, to remove the highlighted color text using a keyboard, just select all text and press Ctrl + Alt + H shortcut again.

How to highlight text using keyboard

To highlight all text and images using the keyboard, you can use a shortcut to highlight them within the Word document.

  1. Ctrl + A shortcut to selecting and highlight all text in Word.
  2. Put the cursor at the starting position and then hold the Shift key and click at the end position of the last paragraph.
  3. For permanently highlighting, Select all text and press Ctrl + Alt + H from the keyboard.

Microsoft Word highlight shortcut for line

  • There is a shortcut to highlight line in word also, select a particular line by just double-clicking on it.
  • Now press Ctrl + Alt + H from the keyboard
  • A single line will be get highlighted.

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