What is Local disk C, Local drive in Windows 10

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Local disk or local drive is a partition of your hard disk. It may be 2 or 3. In the above picture, you can see Local Disk(C;) and Local Disk(D;) are the partition while DVD RW Drive (G;) is a local disc drive, and consider as removable media and CD Drive(H;) is a virtual drive.
The C; drive usually contains the operating system and all the other software which you install (By Default) but you can install it in another local disk also. This drive also called the bootable drive because of your operating system boot from here. Space of Drive (C;) should be large so that the software will be installed correctly.
Other than Drive(C;) all the other local disk will be your data storage disk where you store your documents, audio and video files and other stuff.
Your DVD RW Drive will be removable media use for inserting your DVD CD etc.
Virtual drive or a virtual disk just behaves like CD or DVD drive but, virtually. Image files can be inserted into the virtual drive from your hard disk and thus be used like a normal CD, DVD, or Blu-ray. 
c drive is full, red color, red color drive


Your Windows local disk may be of two color, it may be Blue or Red.
If it is blue in color that means you have enough space in that drive to keep your software. If it indicates a red color that means you don’t have enough space in it. For that, you have to free up space. To achieve this you have to move some of the files from one local disk to another OR you have to clean your local disk. 
Here are the basic steps you can follow-

Uninstall Programs You Don’t want

·        Click Start, then click Control Panel
·        Click Add/Remove Programs and uninstall programs you don’t want

Free Up Space – Increase Hard Drive Space

·        Click the Start button, in the search box, type Disk Cleanup, then click Disk Cleanup.
·        In the Drives list, click the hard disk drive that you want to clean up, and then click OK.
·        On the Disk Cleanup tab, select the file types you want to delete.
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  1. Marichen Conradie

    Local Disk C is not visible on my PC, therefore
    I do not know how much space is available on my PC

    • Might be you have not assigned a letter to the local disk or it may get removed. Follow the instructions here and try to assign a letter. Just reverse the method.

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