Steps for Windows 10 Internet Connection Sharing

windows 10 allow you to share internet connection

In Windows 10  you can share internet connection Windows 10 by turning PC into a mobile hotspot

Whether you are using a laptop or desktop it doesn’t matter. Windows allow you to use mobile hotspot in windows 10. No need to do any complex settings.

Through this method, an Internet connection can be shared with other devices over Wi-Fi share. The data connection can be shared with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or smartphone. 

If your PC has a cellular data connection then you can share it, it will use data from your data plan. You can connect and share internet connection to maximum of 8 multiple devices in Windows 10.

Turning pc into a hotspot can be done through software, via command prompt also. But Windows 10 has a built in feature to enable hotspot with one click.

Steps for Windows 10 internet connection sharing

Open Settings by clicking on Windows button

Open Network & Internet

Click on Mobile hotspot on the left pane and Turn On. Make sure your PC is connected to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or smartphone otherwise you won’t be able to enable it.

How to Share Internet Connection in Windows 10,windows 10 internet connection
share internet connection windows 10

Choose Internet connection which you want to share under Share my Internet connection from

Change your Network name and Network password otherwise, it will keep it default. Now you are ready to connect 8 multiples device to your pc after turn your pc into a wifi hotspot at a time. Simple and easy.

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