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How to Turn off Firewall in Windows 10

    Firewall is one of the important security measures like anti-virus in a particular computer. Firstly, to turn off Windows 10 firewall is not a good option for your computer, because, after disabling firewall, your computer will be on risk to get attack by an incoming threat from the internet like a virus, worms, malware, etc.

    Therefore it is not recommended to turn off the firewall in Windows 10 unless you have a good reason to do it.

    But if you want to turn off your firewall then there will be two different ways to disable your it. If you have Windows 10 operating system then there are two ways to disable it, but if you have other versions of Windows like (XP,7,8) there is one only way. We we’ll discuss below-

    For Windows 10

    Turn off firewall in Windows 10

    Open Settings by typing Settings in Search box or Click Windows logo and click Settings as given in below image

    turn off firewall

    Open Update & Security

    how to turn off Windows 10 firewall

    Click Windows Security on the Left pane

    disable Windows firewall

    Open Firewall & Network protection

    A new window will open infront of you from where you have to select which you want to turn off

    firewall and network protection

    Domain Network, Public Network, Private Network.

    Here we will only turn off Public Network, you can disable all of them if you want.

    Click to open Public Network

    Windows defender firewall

    Turn off Windows Defender Firewall. That’s it.

    For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP

    This method will work in all version of Windows

    Open Control Panel

    In Windows 10 search control panel by typing in Search Box, in Windows XP,7,8 Click Windows logo and look for control panel.

    After opening control panel Select Windows Defender Firewall

    turn off Windows 10 firewall

    Click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off on the left hand side.

    control panel

    Here we will only disable Public network settings

    Select Button Turn off Windows Defender Firewall to disable.

    public network settings

    Click OK to Save your settings.

    To turn ON the firewall back again just reverse the above process.

    Note: It is not recommended to turn off the Windows Firewall because of security reasons.

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