How to Make Chrome Full Screen on Mac and Windows

Google Chrome is an excellent web browser for web surfing, watching videos. Chrome consists of lots of shortcuts and extra features which might you don’t know. Full screen Chrome is one of them.

In Chrome web browser working and view full screen mode of a web page is a good experience because after making Chrome full screen it removes all the distractions and unwanted things like the bookmarks bar, address bar, etc from the current working Window.

Watching video on YouTube with full screen gives more clarity of the video. Sometimes the full screen is compulsory while taking a screenshot of the whole screen and capture only important things on the screen.

So we will see how to full screen chrome while web browsing, watching videos. No address bar, hide the tab bar, and hide the taskbar in Windows 10.

How to make Chrome full screen on Windows

Open Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC

Click on three vertical dots in the upper-right corner to Customize and control Google Chrome, then navigate and click on the empty rectangle box next to “Zoom” to full screen your current screen on desktop. This will allow you to make Chrome full screen without tabs. See below image for reference-

Make Chrome full screen without tabs

Chrome full screen shortcut

Keyboard shortcut keys are very helpful to execute the command instantly. You can use Google Chrome full screen shortcut on Mac and Windows PC both and press the same keys for entering and exit full-screen mode from the webpage.

Press F11 to enter and exit chrome full screen
Press F11 to enter and exit full screen
  • In Windows PC press the full screen F11 function key from the keyboard to enable fullscreen mode in Chrome browser.
  • MacBook users have to use Ctrl + Command + F combination keys for full screen Windows.

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How to make Chrome full screen on YouTube video

There are two options for YouTube full screen on Chrome browser. Either the fullscreen F key which you can use on Windows PC or via direct YouTube option. You have to only press the F alphabet key which is the shortcut.

Launch YouTube on your laptop computer in Chrome browser and open the video you want to watch in full-screen mode. Then click on a small empty square icon box at the bottom of the video screen just right to the theater mode option on YouTube. See the below screenshot-

How to Make Chrome Full Screen on Mac and Windows on Youtube
Full screen button on Youtube

Chrome exit full screen without F11

There might be a situation that your F11 key not working, or it is broken. But there is also a method for exiting from Chrome full screen without using F11.

Take your mouse cursor to anywhere at the top of the screen until the “X” symbol comes then click on the symbol button to “exit full screen” in Chrome.

Chrome exit full screen without f11

How to exit full screen Chrome

To exit full screen mode on chrome you will get two options there either press the shortcut keys or via Menu options

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