How to Show and Switch Tabs In Full Screen Chrome

Chrome offers several advantages over regular Window mode, including full screen mode. It allows you to see more of the content on a page because of the larger viewing area.

Full screen eliminates distractions from other applications, helping you focus on the task at hand.

When you open multiple tabs on the Chrome browser and want to switch tabs between them, then you can easily toggle with the help of a mouse on top of the screen.

So, Chrome show tabs in fullscreen and how to switch tabs in full screen Chrome.

How to show tabs in Full Screen Chrome

To show tabs in full screen chrome, press the “F11′ key. This will hide the address bar, bookmarks bar, and other controls, it will give more screen space to the web page you are viewing.

How to Switch Tabs In Full Screen Chrome
Chrome full screen shortcut

Google Chrome browser is a fully useful browser to do internet surfing and watching videos on full screen gives more clarity. Some shortcuts to switch tabs in chrome in full screen mode.

How to switch tabs in full screen Chrome

If you have already opened multiple tabs in the Chrome browser window then you can use the Ctrl key on a Windows operating system computer to switch tabs in full screen chrome.

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  • Ctrl + Tab – Hold the Ctrl key and press the Tab key from the keyboard to switch toward the right tab one by one in Chrome.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Hold the Ctrl and Shift keys and then press the Tab key to switch toward the left or previous tabs.

If you have only two tabs open then just use Ctrl + Tab to toggle between two tabs.

How to switch tabs in full screen Chrome to a specific tab

When you are in full-screen mode, and you know the position of tabs on top of the screen from the left side of the Chrome browser. Then you can use numeric keys from the keyboard to switch between tabs in Chrome and jump directly to a particular tab.

Press and hold the Ctrl key then press the numeric key. For example Ctrl +(1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

How to open new tab in full screen chrome

During full screen mode in Chrome, use the shortcut Ctrl + T, it will automatically open a new tab in Chrome. Press Ctrl + W to close the recent working tab.

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