How to Hanging Indent Google Docs

Hanging Indent format is a special type of paragraph format in which except first line rest of the subsequent line is moved further from the margin either left or right. You can easily create hanging indent Google docs from direct menu bar or by the Google docs ruler.

You can change the format of the paragraph by either select and highlight the text or by pre-select the option before typing.

How to do a hanging indent Google docs using menu bar

Type your necessary text or paragraph in the docs editor and follow below steps to create hanging indent in Google docs

  • To do this, select Format from the menu
  • Go to Align & indent
  • Select Indentation Options.
How to do a Hanging Indent in Google Docs,Hanging Indent Google Docs
  • A small dialog box of Indentation options appears in front of you.
  • Choose Hanging under Special indent.
  • You can set measurement in inches for example 0.5
  • Then click on Apply to save your settings. As shown in the below image
hanging indent google docs,how to do a hanging indent on google docs

An image of hanging indent example is just below which is done in Google docs

hanging indent google docs example,how to do a hanging indent in google docs

How to do a hanging indent in Google docs with Ruler

To use ruler first you have to make it visible it, for that go to View > Show ruler

  • Select the necessary text which you want to indent
  • Now Click and drag left indent (small down arrow) to the right as you want for example 0.5 (half an inch)
  • Then Click and drag First line Indent (small rectangle) to back to the starting position. See the below image how it can be done
hanging indent google docs, how to do a hanging indent on google docs

From the above steps you can create hanging indent to Google document.

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