Backwards 3 – Type ε, ε>, <3, ღ

Backwards 3 is also known as reverse 3, flipped 3, inverted 3, etc. Here we will see what is backwards 3 symbol and how to type flipped 3 on phone and on a document with lots of different options.

You can also copy paste backwards 3 symbol from the site if you find it difficult to make.

Backwards 3

What is the backwards 3 meaning

The backwards 3 symbol is a Greek small letter epsilon that looks like the lower letter “ε” and the capital letter “E”. The lowercase ε is commonly used in math, physics, chemistry, etc.

In WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media, people often use the reverse 3 as a heart symbol to represent love or similar feeling like “ε>” or “<3”.

How to type backwards 3 or ε

To type backward 3 symbol in PowerPoint, Excel, Word documents on the PC computer you can use an Alt code or Character Map App.

In Windows PC type “Character Map” in the search box to open it

Now change “Character set” to “Windows: Greek” and find the ε symbol to insert in the document.

The #1 Writing Tool
Windows Character Map to insert reverse 3

You can also use Unicode to make reverse 3 symbol i.e., “U+03B5”.

Backwards 3 copy paste

If you are facing any problem in typing backward 3 then simply copy-paste the “ε” symbol from the below table.

Normal backwards 3 symbolBackwards 3 heart shape
εღ, ε>, <3

Backwards 3 Alt Code

In a Word processor like Microsoft Word you can use alt code to insert backwards 3. Type “0190” from the numeric keypad and then press “ALT + X” from the keyboard.

How to do a backwards 3 on phone

In Android device user can change the Gboard keyboard layout from “English to Greece”. When you change the keyboard layout you can easily type the backwards 3 text or reverse 3 i.e., “ε”.

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