How to Keep Your Battery Healthy

Mobile Technology is boon to mankind, and it saves lots of time and Of course man’s energy. But most people face Android or iPhone battery problems. Most of the people think a phone should not be used while charging as it will reduce phone battery life, but the truth is that if you are not using third-party charger then you can use it while charging. How to keep your battery healthy

Some of the useful tips to how to keep your battery healthy

Overnight charging

Some people never charge their smartphone during overnight because they think it can damage the smartphone battery. But the truth is that your smartphone is quite smarter as you think.

Your smartphone will automatically disable the charging when it gets complete. Sometimes you’ll realize that while charging, your phone getting hot and after 100% it’s getting cool down, just because of that feature.  

Switch off your phone

Most of the people never switch off their phone because of daily busy in social networking site or in surfing Internet. You must realize that your phone is a machine and it needs some rest. So, at least switch off your phone once in a week for at least one or half an hour it will definitely increase battery performance.  

Empty your battery or not 

When your battery level is around 15% or 10%  charge it immediately and never waits to turn it off, otherwise, it will affect your smartphone and battery too. Instead of doing deep charging it should be good to charge it time to time, otherwise, your smartphone will become unstable.  

Some points to be kept in mind  ·   

Never hang your handset with a power outlet while charging. It will damage the power connector.

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After completion of charging you should remove power outlet otherwise over current will damage your charger.

Reduce your screen timeout time

Reduce your screen brightness or make it auto brightness.

Turn off your Bluetooth.

Disable location or GPS when it is not required.

Not to attend any phone call while charging.

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