How To Save Webpage as PDF on Windows with Browser

How To Save Webpage as PDF on Windows? If you are using Chrome browser, Edge browser, Firefox on Windows, or Mac then there is a built-in function that you can use it. But if you are looking for online services then we will also discuss that.

Whether it is an image, webpage, or text article. If you need to know how to save webpage as PDF format then you don’t need any extension or online services to save the HTML webpage as PDF.

With the help of a browser, you can convert and download webpage as PDF format and use the document with any PDF viewer, or you can share it like a normal PDF document, etc.

How To Save Webpage as PDF on Windows

Saving Webpages as PDF in Chrome

Open the webpage in the Chrome browser which you want to save as pdf file format.

Click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner, then go to “Print.”

You will also get lots of options under More setting like webpage layout, Headers and Footers, Background graphics, etc.

In the print window, choose “Save as PDF” as the destination.

The #1 Writing Tool

Click the “Save” button to save the webpage as a PDF file on your computer.

How To Save Webpage as PDF on Windows

Save Webpage as PDF Firefox

Open the webpage in Firefox that you want to save and download in PDF.

Press Ctrl + P (Windows) or Cmd + P (Mac) to open the print window in Firefox.

Set the orientation of the page in either landscape or portrait form.

Now under the Destination select save to PDF and click the Save button for saving the document on your Windows computer.

Save Webpage as PDF in Microsoft Edge

Open the webpage in Microsoft Edge.

Press Ctrl + P to open the print window.

Select desired settings like page orientation.

Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the printer destination.

Click the “Print” button to save the webpage as a PDF file.

Convert Webpage to PDF via Online Services

If you do not have Chrome, Edge browser, or if you are facing difficulty by doing the above process, then you can use Webpage to PDF services to convert any Html webpage to pdf. It is a free tool available online that convert URL to PDF.

These are the very best ways to save any website as a pdf over the Internet without any extension.

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