Recover Deleted Photos from Computer

recover deleted photos
To recover deleted photos is not an easy task,  and if you are from non-technical background then it would be difficult for you.
In the market, there is lots of data recovery software available at a high cost but most of the people could not afford it, especially student who have lots of stuff on their computer.
So there is a software which will help you to recover or to restore your data within few minutes.
Recuva is one of the good software for recovering your deleted data like photos, videos, music, file and other compressed files from your windows OS whether it is your internal hard disk, external hard disk, sd card or USB flash drive.
The best thing about Recuva is that it is a freeware software for which you don’t  have to pay anything for it. It is Windows based software by which you can restore your data which you have accidentally deleted from your computer or by bugs, crashes, and viruses. The file format which is supported is  FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5.

How to recover deleted photos from computer using Recuva 

We are going to recover deleted data from my USB flash drive
As you can see  pen drive is empty
How to Recover Deleted Photos
Open Recuva,  select your type of file you want to recover, In my case, I have select picture
Recover Deleted Photos
Then select from which drive you want to recover and then scan


How to Recover Deleted Photos from Computer


The green icon indicates that your data can recover but if it indicates Red icon then your data cannot recover
recover data
Then select the path to where you want to save your deleted photos
Recover Deleted Photos from Computer


Finally your photos recover.
Recover photos




                            If you face any difficulty regarding this you can watch the video also


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