How to Block Website using “host file” in Windows 10

how to block website in windows 10

Any website can be blocked through your computer with this simple trick. It is not just a trick but a method the will be helpful to block website in Windows 10 permanently without any software. You just have to make a small change in your Windows Host file in Windows 10. It is simple, free and does not require any deep technical knowledge for it.

Is it necessary to block a website in Windows 10? Well, it depends, for example, if you are parents and want to protect your child from an unwanted site then it will be helpful if you are a student and want to trick your friends to block a website in yours friend computer.

There are lots of software or website blocker available in a market that will block website in windows 10 but the problem is that you have to download it, install it and it can be costly etc. But this method is simple and you can blocked domain, any specific URL or website. YES. Let’s see how…

This process can work in all versions of Windows like 7,8,10

Block Website on Windows 10

Open C: drive where your Windows install and navigate to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc that mean  C: -> Windows -> System32 ->drivers -> etc

Open “hosts”  file in notepad either by double-click or right click on “hosts” file and open in notepad. In below image, you can see clearly

permanently block website

Place the cursor at the end of the last line, which will say something such as “ localhost” or “::1 localhost”. Press Enter to create a new line.

Type, tap the spacebar, and then type URL or an address of a website which you want to block. For example, to block domain of Facebook, type on this line. You can add multiple sites which you want to block but make sure each site should be in new line.

block website in desktop

Click File, Save to confirm your changes.

Now open your browser and open site, you won’t be able to access the blocked websites.

How to unblock websites

Just follow the above process and remove the complete websites which you have blocked.

Click File, Save to confirm your changes. That’s it.

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