How to Insert Rectangle in Google Docs

A geometrical rectangle shape can be inserted with the help of the drawing tool in Google Docs. You can make a normal rectangle, rectangle with a soft edge or rounded rectangle, etc.

You can customize the rectangle box with text, add color background, font style, etc. So let us see how to do-

How to insert rectangle in Google Docs

Open Google Docs on your desktop computer

In the “Menu Bar” click “Insert” and navigate to the “Drawing” option

Click on “+New”. It will open a new window called Drawing Panel.

rectangle in google docs

Click on the “Shapes” icon and select the rectangle shape that you want to draw in Google Docs.

rectangle in google docs

With the help of a mouse draw the rectangle box size according to the need.

How to insert rectangle in Google Docs

After making the rectangle shape you can customize the shape by adding text, fill the color on it. Click on the “Save and Close” button to save it. Your rectangle in Google Docs will automatically appear in the document.

There are different types of shapes that can be added in Google Docs.

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