Google Slides Audio not Working or Playing Issues [Fixed]

In Google Slides whether you are using audio music, embed video from Youtube, or using any other sound effects, and if you are facing a problem regarding playing audio or music in Google Slides then you have to check whether your browser audio permission is enabled or not. There may be audio issues in browser settings.

Firstly check whether audio sound is working on mobile devices or it is playing music in other browsers or not. Then follow the below steps

Google Slides Audio not Playing

If the audio not playing on Google slides and you are using Chrome browser then you have change browser setting.

  • Open Google Slides in Chrome browser desktop
  • Select the audio or video file in the slides
  • Now Go to the Search Bar of Chrome Browser.
  • Click on Speaker icon and then ON Always allow sound on Click done. See below image for reference
Google Slides Audio not Playing [Fixed], google slides audio not working, google slides audio issues

If the speaker icon not visible to you in the search bar then Go to the Lock icon on the left of search bar Click on it.

Select Sound -> Allow

Google Slides Audio not Playing, google slides not working,google slides audio issues

Now check whether the audio music is playing on Google Slides or not.

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