How do I Permanently Enable Flash in Chrome?

Adobe Flash Player, which you used for playing games on the internet, use to run movies over the Internet, etc. If you are using Google Chrome and adobe flash player not working in Chrome, then you have to manually enable it. You do not require an extra plugin for flash for Chrome. So how do I permanently enable flash in chrome?

Why is my Flash not working in Chrome

Chrome has its own version of flash. To use it for any specific website you have to manually enable flash. With every new update, Chrome gives you new features.

A new version of Chrome has been launched in which adobe flash is blocked by default. When you go to a select website that requires Flash, you’ll notice a Plugin Blocker on the address bar. You will first require to enable it. See below the image

flash not working in chrome,chrome player not working

Rather than enable Flash in Chrome on all website, you should have control over which website you want to use it. See Step by Step to manage Chrome settings for Flash Player.

How to enable flash in Chrome

Go to your required website, you will see Plugin Blocker on Address Bar, Click to Manage

how to enable flash chrome,flash not working in chrome
flash not working in chrome

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Why is Flash not working in Chrome

Your settings will be saved automatically. After your setting has been saved, Go to your particular website and Reload to apply Flash settings on it. You will see a Pop-up to Allow Run Flash on Chrome on that website. Allow it.

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allow flash in chrome,run flash in chrome,flash not working in chrome

How to Check which site is Enabled for Flash Player

In the address type chrome://settings/content/flash and press enter, you will redirect to the Flash Settings in Chrome. You can also block or enable flash in chrome directly from here

why adobe flash player is not working in chrome

Flash not working in Chrome for Specific Website

Go to that particular site, Click or press the Lock Icon appears on the Address Bar

See Site settings at the bottom

A new tab will open, you will see a lot of options like Location, Camera, Microphone, etc find for Flash Allow it, Go back to the page, and reload it again.

Enable Flash in Chrome for Specific Website, flash not working in chrome

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