Disable Web Push Notifications in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox,

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Disable web push notifications

Website Notifications or Browser Notification are simple information that allows you to get alert whenever an app, website, or news site got a new update or event to share with you. But some websites send push notifications multiple times after subscribing, which can be annoying, spammy, not very useful, etc. Then you can manage that browser notification by simply disable it via settings or stop notifications.

Here we will see how to turn off webSite notifications in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge web browser.

How to Turn off Website Notifications Chrome

You can manage chrome push notifications from chrome settings

Click the Chrome menu (3 vertical dots) top right on the browser toolbar.

Select Settings.

Scroll down select Advanced settings.

Under the “Privacy and Security” section, tap Site settings button.

Writing Tool

Click on chrome Notifications settings

disable push notifications in chrome

On this page, Toggle either Blocked or Ask before sending. You can manage unwanted chrome notifications from a particular website you want to get notified.

You can also directly go to this link chrome://settings/content/notifications

Disable Web Push Notifications for Firefox

Click the Firefox menu three-line icon next to the address bar

Click Options

Click Content from the left side pane

Under Notifications, Select Checkbox Do not disturb me which gives permission to firebox to turn off notifications.

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Then select the site you want to remove notifications from Firefox by clicking on Choose…

Turn off Website Notifications Safari Browser

Do disable safari notifications, navigate to the menu bar,

Click Preferences…

Click the Website tab and Select Notifications from the sidebar

Choose Checkbox Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications

Turn off WebSite Notifications Microsoft Edge

Click the menu (3 dots) top right on the browser toolbar.

Go to Settings

Under Advanced Settings Click on View advanced settings

Under Website permissions Click Manage

From here you can toggle which site you want to get push notifications.

Disable Opera Notifications

Open Opera Browser Go to Preferences

Click Websites from the Left Sidebar

Find Notifications

Click Ask me when a site wants to show desktop notifications

You can also configure notification by Manage Exceptions… button.

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