where do deleted data go?

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When we delete our data or files from the storage devices like HDD, Pendrive, sd card etc. They will be marked as deleted by the Operating System. But the actual data and files will remain on the device until the new data comes and overwrite it.
We almost delete our data normally  by two ways either temporally or permanently.
When data are deleted in a temporal manner by just “Delete Button”, it will go into Recycle Bin and you are not able to see the data in that palace. But it does mean your data is deleted, it’s just hide from there and you can restore it from Recycle Bin at any time.
After deletion of data through this method, only the file names are deleted but space is already reserved for it.

But in another manner when data is deleted by using “ SHIFT+Delete”, it will delete the data but, all the data will remain there, that means, just the space occupied by that data will be marked as not occupied by the operating system.
After deletion by this method, data is get deleted and space is now marked as free and available for new data.
 If you write new data to the device now, they will fill the free space and once upon the  new data overwrite it, then  no data recovery software can recover that data.
Therefore, as long as the data have not been overwritten and your device still works, you can easily recover the data.

If you want to delete your file completely and permanently and don’t want to be  recover it then you have to either FORMAT it or WIPE it.

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If you are trying to recover the lost data, and software you are using is not recovering it, then there can be several possible things which can be happen-

•          Your data or files have been overwritten by new ones.
•          Your storage device may be physically damaged or can’t be detected.
•          Some data recovery software which claims to be free, but not as powerful to  recover.

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