What is Phishing Attack Types & Example

Learn phishing attack

Phishing attack types maybe, spam, virus, Trojan horse are some of the malicious thing which are the headache of everyone. These can damage your computer, crash your hard drive or even steal your private information.

What does Phishing Mean

A phishing attack is one of the online fraud which can be done by cyber criminal by sending you a spam email or a genuine-looking phishing website. By phishing attack, attackers can steal your identity, your money or both.

For example, in a phishing attack, a criminal sends you an email attachment which consists of a script, macros, or some other links. When you click on this it will take you to another website and they will bound you to fill your personal details like name, account number, or password. Website can be of anything like bank, credit card company, e-commerce site or maybe an online form.

After getting your personal information they can do many things like they can apply for a new credit card by your personal info, can empty your bank account, increase your expenses to the limit of your credit cards, etc.

Phishing Attack Methods may attract you…?

Attacker will send you a  phishing email that say for example  we are from XYZ company and you are the luckiest winner of our scheme and you have won a car, for that you have to pay only $1000 as a processing fees or they may call you and say we are from XYZ bank and we are updating our customer information and we want your account number and password. As you full fill all the attacker requirement they will attack you financially. 

Some of the other phishing attack types

Fake Phishing email attachment consists script, macros which can auto download on your computer.

Fake Phishing attack websites will bound you to give your personal information.

Fake charities will ask you to give some donation regarding money.

How to prevent phishing scams?

Here your antivirus will not work to protect you, but there are some of the online software which block your spamming email and protect it. To identify phishing manually is not an easy task but there are some common things which you have to keep in mind to avoid phishing attack types. They are-

One way to find out, how its look like. The below image is an example from Microsoft Security Center, in which you see Facebook as a brand to gain your trust, but to identify this as scam is, spelling mistake, grammar mistakes and site is not https://, Facebook uses a secure site https:// version for protection.

phishing attack website
Phishing Attack types
  •     Do not reply to any e-mail which you don’t trust, take your time to understand.
  •     Be sure about URL for example

Correct – https://www.facebook.com
Incorrect – http://www.facebok.com
Incorrect – http://www.facebooks.com      

Make sure site is using a secure version i.e. https://

  •       Do not share sensitive information via email to whom you don’t trust.
  •      Last but not least ‘Think before you Click’.

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