How to use Virtual CloneDrive in Windows 10 for Mount ISO

In Windows 10 you can add up to 15 virtual drive with the help of Virtual CloneDrive. We have seen in the previous post that what is virtual disk drive and how it can achieve through Virtual CloneDrive. Now we will see how to add multiple drives through Virtual CloneDrive.
Let’s begin…

How to Use Virtual CloneDrive in windows 10

Just DoubleClick the Virtual CloneDrive Icon appear on Desktop
how to use virtual clone drive

Now you will see the dialog box in which Number of Drives appear, you can choose how many drives you want to add. Here we’ll add 3 drives. From the Language Tab, you can select the language you want to be your Virtual Clonedrive.
Click OK that’s it.
Your whole three Drives will appear on your My computer or This-PC in windows 10.

virtual clonedrive in windows 10
Now your Virtual drive is ready for use.
add virtual clonedrive

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