Transfer file via Bluetooth between Smartphone & Windows PC

How to Transfer file via Bluetooth

If you don’t have data cable or if you are using someone else computer and want to share your data file between two devices like smartphone and Windows PC then Bluetooth will be a good option to choose.
To transfer file via Bluetooth, you have to make Bluetooth pair or you have to make connectivity between devices. With the help of Bluetooth, file can be shared between pc to pc, tablet to pc etc.
After making pair between smartphone and computer, on the right-hand side click send or receive files via Bluetooth. Now it will show two option Send files and Receive files, select Send files to transfer file via bluetooth from pc to smartphone, now another window will open in which you can see devices which are connected to the computer, from which you have to select a device in which file will be sent. As shown in below image-
Select the device and click Next to continue.
How to transfer file data via Bluetooth between android and windows PC,bluetooth connect
Now Browse the file from your computer which you want to send. You can also send multiples file at a time by pressing Ctrl. Click Next.
Now check your smartphone it will ask you permission for Accepting files.
transfer file via bluetooth
After accepting your file will start sending. That’s. Simple.

How to Receive files from smartphone to pc

Make Bluetooth pair between devices, click send or receive files via Bluetooth on the right hand side
Select Receive files to receive data from smartphone
How to transfer file data via Bluetooth between android and windows PC... make pair, send and receive data between two device like pc to pc, tablet to pc etc
Choose any file on a smartphone and share it via Bluetooth.Below image is from a smartphone which is showing how to share it
how do i transfer files via bluetooth
Make sure Bluetooth should be ON in both the devices and Paired.
Points to be remember
Your Windows 10 should be uptodate
Bluetooth driver should be installed and uptodate
Bluetooth should be ON in both smartphone and pc

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