How to see what Facebook knows About you?

If you are a Facebook user and if you are not aware of your information which is kept on facebook then your mind will be blown after seeing your data is kept on Facebook. Download Facebook data immediately and check what Facebook knows about you.
Download Facebook data from your account, downloading your personal data from Facebook, the process is quite simple.

How to download Facebook data

Open your Facebook account Go to drop-down menu and click on settings

how to download your facebook data, download facebook data

Under a General Tab, on the right-hand side, at the bottom, you can see download a copy of your Facebook data, click on it to download your data.

How to Download Facebook Data for Analysis, download facebook data
After clicking it another window will open in which you will be seen a Button Start my Archive, click on it. Now you have to enter your password  for confirmation

How to Download Facebook Data for Analysis, download facebook data

Now Facebook will send two emails to your registered email from where you have to click on the link to continue the process. One email for acknowledgment and another for confirmation link. After clicking you will redirect to Facebook to Download Archive. It will again ask for password confirmation. Enter your password and submit it.

download facebook data, How to Download Facebook Data for Analysis
Now you are ready to download your Facebook data.
It will take some time depending on your Facebook activity which you have done so far like your posts, photos, and videos you’ve shared your messages and chat conversations, about ads which are link on Facebook, etc.
If your activity is less then it will download fast otherwise it’ll take some time, so maintain your patience.
After completion of downloading, Extract the .zip file and now open index.html  file in your browser for seeing your data regarding Facebook.  

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