How to make Android device faster

Tips, to make Android Device Faster

Nowadays, Android devices are coming with lots of RAM and storage and with the latest operating systems. Sometimes people say that their device has less RAM  around  512 MB  or less… I have to change this.
Because the user faces that devices are slow and not perform their task quickly or fast and got the hang. While playing heavy games devices got heat and got hang. Some points to be kept in mind to make an android device faster.
Do not synchronize your device automatically, turn it off
Synchronization is a process when your device takes internet connection and collect data from a server and send to a mobile application. It will reduce your mobile speed and consume lots of data and RAm and your device got heat, so turn it off.
Your desktop should be clean
If your desktop consists multiple of shortcuts of apps, then processor will take some time to take the application to RAM and execute.
Remove the antivirus
Antivirus keeps your device secure from threats or virus but because normally people download the apps from official Play Store so the application is safe thus antivirus is not important.
RAM cleaner
Use the best app to clean RAM like clean master, CM lite to make RAM free.
Reboot once a week
Why? Because to make a device refresh.
These are some tips by which you can make the android device faster.

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