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Google Chrome web browser hidden functions
Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers which is normally found on every computer, smartphone, etc, and used by everyone. But you know Google Chrome also consists of hidden features that you don’t know. Yes, Chrome consists of lots of shortcuts, hidden functions that can save your crucial time and improve the performance of your browser. 

Here are some best new Google Chrome feature browser which you should know

Continue where you left off

If you are doing anything in your browser, and by mistake, you close it and when reopen, it will start your homepage and your work lost. Chrome has a good feature through which you can continue your work where you left. For this go to “settings” and navigate to “On Startup” and check in the “Continue where you left off.”          

Google Chrome Task manager

One another feature is you can see a task manager in Chrome which will show you the no. of extensions currently running and how much memory is consuming by just pressing   SHIFT +ESC. If you think a particular extension, tabs or plugin is consuming lots of memory you can simply close it.

Google Chrome allows to Save Web Pages as PDF File

You can save any web pages by just pressing Ctrl + P in a browser, and a new window will open, from where you can select the format of the page, quality of print in dpi, graphics selection, size of print etc. you will not require any extension or software for that.

Open Recently Closed Tabs

If by mistake you have close your tab then simply press   CTRL + SHIFT + T   it will open your recent tab. You can also reopen it by right-clicking on the title bar and selecting ‘Reopen closed tab.’

Incognito Google Mode or Privacy Mode

Incognito Mode or Privacy Mode is the new Google chrome feature in which, Chrome will not save your browsing history, download history, cookies. You can enable secret mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N, or by clicking on ‘Settings’  and selecting ‘New Incognito Window.’

Navigate Between Tabs Easily

You can navigate between tabs easily by pressing keys Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2, Ctrl + 3 etc,   Press Ctrl-1 to go to the first tab, Press Ctrl-2 to go to the second tab, and so on.

Find within the page

If your webpage consists of lots of content and you have to search for any particular word, then it is very difficult to find it. To search it, just press Ctrl + F and type what you want to search and press Enter.
Back to the previous Site
No need to click the left arrow in the top left corner of the browser and waste your time. Simply press Alt + <-  and you will go to your previous site.

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