How to use Google Takeout

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Google Takeout is an amazing product by Google which is intended for Google users to back up the data of their Google account and all its products.

You can export and download your Google account data from the Google products you use, like your email, calendar, and photos. In a few easy steps, create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service.

In this, you can see Google’s Google + 1s, Blogger, Buzz, Contacts, Drive, Google+ Circles, Google+ Stream, Pages, Picasa Web Albums. In the Profile, Reader, Voice, YouTube services, you can get the data of one or all of your choice together.

But Google Takeout is more helpful for bloggers to make an easy backup of their blogs.

How to do backup with Google Takeout?

Just go to the blog and click on Settings> Other> Export Blog to back up your blog.
From this new feature, you can take a backup with all the blogs from Google account, they also reduce the size of the Atom as the file.
we will see how to do backup of your blog

First of all, you have to go to Google Takeout site and make your login. After that you will see all of your Data will appear under the tab, if you have all the services covered through your entire Google account in this page the data is received Create Archive this can be done by clicking on the button that you just want to back up the blogger above Choose Services button.
Click the Create Archive button below. Your backup file will be ready.

Here you will also see the option to get the file via email if you want to receive it from the email. If you want to receive it by e-mail, you can also use it.The  backup file can be of larger size (because of the  number of your blog And depends on the posts) It will take some time for download alsowhen your backup will be ready for download, you can download the back up of your blog by clicking the Download button.
You will get these files in the form of a zip folder in which you will find different Atom files of each blog name for your different blogs .

All your blogs are now safe with you. You can get back to your blog posts

Whenever you need them  Go to Settings> Other> Import Blog.

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