Types of Attacks in Cyber Security

list of types of cyber attacks

Some Major Types of Attacks in Cyber Security which you must know. See the following

An Internet has become to be a powerful and effectivetool for billion people worldwide. Whether it is in regarding with e-commerce,education or social networking, every people are spending lots of time on theInternet to get something interesting. But, there is another black side of it.

About 50% of people experience cyber securityissues in every year and this data is constantly increasing.

Let’s take a quick look at Some Major Types of Attacks in Cyber Security

Malware or malicious software

Malicious software is asoftware which consists of computer program or code which can install on yourcomputer without your knowledge and it can affect your operating system or evencrash your hard drive. It can be  virus, worms and Trojan Horse areexamples of the malicious software referred to as Malware.

Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals or hacker is often known as Black hathacker who use a software to intrude your computer in order to break thesecurity and take out your personal information for illegal activity.


A botnet is also refers to as zombies mainly attack alarge network and it slows down the whole network. A collection of the computeracross the Internet is get by under attacker called botmaster. Mostly Trojanhorse program is used to affect the network.  A bot is a malicioussoftware that enables cyber-criminal to control computer without ownerknowledge and use it to execute illegal activities such as send spam, spreadingvirus etc.


What is virus computer? The virus is commonly knownharmful computer program that is designed to spread from system to systemthrough computer operation like exchanging disk, sending electronic mailetc. 

virus in computer can corrupt or delete your data from thecomputer and damage your hard drive. But the negative point of a virus is thatit cannot get executed until its trigger. Some of the types of virus are Masterboot record virus which attacks bootable media, File infector virus whichattacks files or software, Macro virus.


The worm is a very interesting malicious program which issimilar of virus but the difference is that it is a self-replicated programwhich uses a computer network to send copies of itself to another computer onthe same network. They remain in memory and they use their own power to spread.Stuxnet was one of the mightiest types of computer worms.

Trojan Horse

A Trojan Horse virus is malicious code which isuse for destructive purpose. Trojan horse attack is mainly attached toan email or free program like game. When you click it, it gets install intoyour computer without your knowledge and do some unusual activity like bootingproblem, changing in system setting. To avoid this your antivirus should be upto date.


Keylogger is not malicious code, but it can attach bybotnet to monitor the keystrokes.It is an activity which is record by attackerwhen you use typing word from keyboard. A keylogger can record your messages,email, password which you type from keyboard.


Spyware software and adware are the two unwanted softwarewhich is bundled with shareware or freeware software which you use in yourcomputer normally. These unwanted software has a capability of monitoring yoursurfing activity on the Internet and it can transfer important data likee-mail, credit card number or password to the creator of spyware.

Phishing attack

Phishing attack is a type of online identity theft that uses email and fraud websites to steal your money with your personal data such as username, password, account data etc.

These email and website look like genuine, when you clickon this it will often ask you to fill a  form in which you have to fillyour user name or password, or it will redirect to another fraud website.

These are the threat which often attacks to user by anattacker.

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