Which is the Best Internet Browser 2021

Best Web Browser for Windows 10
A browser is also known as an internet browser or web browser. It’s a software application used for surfing the internet, but it is not all about surfing it is more than that. The most popular web browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.
Choosing different type web browser for Windows 10 depends upon you. Most of people separate their browser for surfing like Chrome for Facebook, other for Gmail Account and Twitter etc because different browser have different looks and extension.
If we compare Firefox and Chrome, we will find that Chrome is the fast internet browser which load your page faster than Firefox, regarding with security Chrome also provide good security feature than Firefox.
Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge are their own company based browser and are design for their company profit purpose but Firefox is an open source code and is designed for user’s interest first.
So, how to choose your fastest web browser among these brand

Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome, today all of the main browsers perform good and each of them has some advantages. Chrome is the most popular browser and provides all support for the web standard.

Chrome has many customization and Google apps, extensions, themes, synchronization with account  etc. Google Chrome work better when you use it with Google services.  

Sandboxing is one of the good feature providing by Google Chrome for some extra protection. One of the cool features is that you can open multiple of tabs without consuming lots of memory.

The algorithm of Chrome is so good that if your one tab got hang or block it will not crash your whole browser, if by mistake you have close your tab then simply press CTRL +SHIFT +T   it will open your recent tab.

One another feature is that you can see a task manager in Chrome which will show you the no. of extension currently running and how much memory is consuming by just pressing SHIFT +ESC. Some extra features of Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox browser

Firefox, it is the more configurable and lightweight browser for windows and it is as fast as Chrome. It consumes less memory than Chrome, managing of multiples of tabs is also easy by just scrolling your mouse wheel up and down. 

The most annoying thing about Firefox is that when you open more than 12 to 15 tab its got hang and if one tab got stuck it will crash your whole browser.
Both the browser have lots of Extension in it like for downloading music, video, image, safety protection for password etc but installing lots of extensions will slow your browser. 

The feature which Extension provide can make your browsing experience better for Chrome Last Pass password manager, Screencastify for screen recorder.
Conclusion, both the browser most secure web browser on its own and have lots of customizing options in it but we prefer Google Chrome is one of the best. What’s yours?

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